Regatta 2017

At first, filling the Dumper Duck was easy but after some selling it became more complicated the ducks took up quite a bit of the pond and catching the winners took some skill

Lion Maurie Parish

The Ducks take to the water

Catching the prize winners



The winners with their prize.




Regatta 2016

When it comes to mud, Woodbridge can match Glastonbury.  The 2016 Regatta saw some torrential showers, which left the land-based attractions in a sea of mud.  Even the squeegee wielding  heroics of Lions Glyn Dowsett and Martin McLeavy were to little avail.  However, spirits weren’t dampened, the sun did shine – briefly – ducks were sold and the ever impressive Duck Dive went ahead.

The Yacht Pond field turned to a quagmire

Lions Glyn and Martin trying to clear the flood water

Lion David Malpass and Sheila Oswald, selling ducks on the river wall

The Duck Dive

 Our thanks to everyone who braved the weather and supported us.  All proceeds will be dedicated to community purposes.

Regatta 2015

The sun does sometimes shine on the Regatta.

The Dumper Duck

Two early visitors to the Duck Stall

The Dumper Duck in operation


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