June News

Woodbridge and District Lions Club have continued their busy schedule of fund raising events.

The Woodbridge Regatta is our main summer fund raiser and we are pleased to report that a total of just over £1,100 was made at this year’s event which will be used for the benefit of local charities and good causes. We would like to thank all the members of the public who supported us by sponsoring ducks for our Duck Dive event, both from our sales in the Woodbridge Thoroughfare over the preceding two weeks and on the day. The lucky Duck Dive winning numbers were; first prize 909, second prize 363, third prize 952. All prizes have been claimed and special thanks to the winners of the second prize who kindly decided to donate their winnings to charities.

We have a new Club President, Roy Benton, who succeeds John Wood at the end of his successful two year term of office.

The new President will be looking to recruit new members to the club to ensure it can continue into the future to support local causes in the way that it has since it was founded in 1982. Please take a few minutes to look through this website and find out about what we do and how we have fun whilst doing it.   Contact us, details on this website, if you would like to find out more about being a Lion. You can always be sure of a warm friendly welcome.

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