April News

In March several  Lions  joined  the  Great British  Spring  Clean  and  collected  rubbish along the  A12.

In May we will  join  with  other  clubs  to  help  out  at  the  Woodbridge  Horse  Show  on  the  7th  May  and  the  Woodbridge Shufflers  Road race  on the  20th May.

On Saturday  19th  May  we  will be holding another  Art  Show  and  Sale  at the Salvation  Army Hall  just off the Thoroughfare  Woodbridge.  A  huge  selection  of  excellent  paintings by local  artists will be there to  view  or  buy at very reasonable  prices.

Entry is free with tea/coffee and cakes available, so come along and have a look.

As  with  all the  money  we  raise  during  the  year,  the large  majority  is  spent  on  needy causes  in the  Woodbridge  and  surrounding area. All donations are discussed and voted on at our monthly meetings.

We are starting  to  prepare  for the Big  Duck Dive,  which takes  place  at the end of  Woodbridge Regatta  Day  on  Sunday  17th June.  We  will be  out  and  about  before  that selling  ducks  so that  at the end of  Regatta Day  three people will go  away with lovely prizes.

On the social front we have  just  had  a fantastic  trip around  the new  waste  disposal  plant  at  Great Blackenham. Our next visit is to Sizewell and then in June we will have our Annual Handover Lunch when our new President will be installed.


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